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The Small TriTac Light is powered by a Duracell Ultra CR123 battery providing a reliable, high output light source that is light weight and always ready. The light features an Intelligence Button system with a half-second delay, allowing users the ability to easily find the correct light mode without searching frantically.


  • Includes battery (1) Duracell CR123

  • Lumen High 261

  • Run Time High (h) 3.5

  • Lumen Low 86

  • Run Time Low (h) 6.0

  • Lumen Map 18

  • Run Time Map (h) 39.0

  • Aerospace grade anodized aluminum

  • Length: 3.6in / 92.6mm

  • Body diameter: 0.9in / 23.4mm

  • Bezel diameter: 1.1in / 26.9mm

  • Product weight: 0.15lb / 0.06kg

  • Product weight w/ batteries: 0.20lb / 0.08kg