Cold Weather MCW MRE Full New Case MEALS READY TO EAT MOUNTAIN INSP 03/22 12 Complete Survival Entrees

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These are Meal, Cold Weather, food packets used by the US Military. These cold weather meals are used during cold weather Missions. The meals are high calorie (about 1200) to help when in a cold weather environment, and include extra drink mixes to help prevent dehydration. These meals are freeze dried to prevent the meals from freezing in cold environments. There are a total of 12 individual meals per a box.. A full unopened case of Cold Weather MRE's. Includes 12 different menu meals. Main entrees are freeze dried and have been reported to be good to 20 years. Menu 1: Spicy Oriental Chicken w/Rice Menu 2: Beef Stroganoff w/Noodles Menu 3: Chili Mac Menu 4: Turkey Tetrazzini Menu 5: Chicken & Rice Menu 6: Lasagna w/Meat & Sauce Menu 7: Beef Stew Menu 8: Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce Menu 9: Rice & Chicken MEX Menu 10: Western Omelet Menu 11: Scrambled Eggs w/Bacon Menu 12: Breakfast Skillet