Whole sale Lot of 5 Tactical Pace Count Beads for Land Nav / Hiking

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WARDOG-SURPLUS Brand Tactical Pace Count Beads

Lot of 5

Helps keep your pace count allowing you to know how much distance you have traveled.

This is helpful when using a map, conducting Land Navigation courses, in combat patrol situations, , geocaching and boy scouting trips.

If your walking to lose weight you can also use a bead pace counter to track your distance.

- Lightweight only weight .2 Ounce

- Tracks up to 5,000 meters

- Easily attaches to Backpack should straps, Tactical Vests, Waist belts and more. (if you use the loop thru method shown in pictures, no hardware is needed to attach the cord)

- Brand New and comes in the package with complete instructions

- Hand made in the USA by Vets of Made in the USA Materials